Rice’s AIPAC speech


Condoleezza Rice
Courtesy of AIPAC

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speech this morning at the AIPAC policy conference is now online. You can listen to the full audio below.

$(document).ready(function () {swfobject.embedSWF(“/flash/player_v2.1.swf”,”jtaaudio_999375″,”290″,”27″,”9.0.0″,”/flash/expressInstall.swf”,{audioPath: “http://aipac.com/media_files/AudioPC08Speeches/PC08_Condoleezza_Rice.mp3”},{wmode: “transparent”});});Flash is required.

More audio, including that of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s address and a panel featuring Natan Sharansky, Ruth Gavison, Michael Oren and Leon Wieseltier, is available here.

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