The Jewish Transcript in Seattle profiles Joel Blatt, a twice-married consultant who invented a new dating site with the goal of meeting a nice Jewish girl. Plus, click here to listen to Blatt’s interview with ABC News Radio.

Here’s the opening of the Transcript article:

Getting by — and dating — with a little help from your friends may have just gotten easier, thanks to a local entrepreneur’s spin on matchmaking.

In March, fed up with the online dating world, Joel Blatt created, a Web site that he describes as “LinkedIn, for dating.”

Blatt, 42, who works for a Bellevue consulting firm, has been married twice — both times to non-Jewish women. While Sparkbliss is not specifically a Jewish dating site, Blatt said he did create it with the goal of meeting a Jewish woman.

“I’ve tried JDate, I’ve tried other online dating sites, and they don’t work very well,” Blatt said. “I couldn’t take anymore of those awful dates. I wanted to meet the right people.”

The trouble with most online dating sites, he contends, is simple: profiles can be viewed — and judged — based on search criteria entered by site users, but those profiles are not always true representations of the singles on the site. Blatt said that he wanted that possibility eliminated from the equation.

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