Polish prosecutors won’t charge Rydzyk


Poland’s Jewish community is disappointed at prosecutors’ decision not to charge a Roman Catholic priest for anti-Semitic comments.

Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk is accused of calling Jews greedy and saying the country’s president was under the thumb of Jewish lobbyists. The Jewish community of Warsaw says it has a tape recording of the comments, made at a lecture at a journalism school in the Polish city of Torun.

Prosecutors in Torun said they would not bring criminal charges against the priest, saying they lacked evidence. It is the second time they declined to prosecute Rydzyk for the remarks.

Rydzyk, who says the recording is a fake, has been accused inciting anti-Semitism through his radio station, Radio Maryja. He did not deny giving the Torun speech and rejected the charges of anti-Semitism.

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