The News Shticker

  • Sacha Baron Cohen has had to postpone his wedding to Australian actress Isla Fisher because she hasn’t had time to complete her Torah studies, the Mail Online reports.
  • The Smoking Gun brings us more tales of Cohen’s recent filmmaking adventures.
  • Chelsea soccer club owner and Jewish tycoon Roman Abramovich reportedly has bought the world’s most expensive house, a $500 million estate on the French Riviera formerly owned by Bill Gates and, more recently, Edmond Safra.
  • Quentin Tarantino’s remake of the 1977 B-movie Inglorious Bastards is being hailed as an “epic, bugged-out Jewsploitation film.”
  • Facebook will launch a Hebrew language version of their reputable social networking website.
  • The Jewish Journal examines the way in which American Jewish youth express their Jewish identities on Facebook.
  • The MJL blog digs up a faux-commercial from a 1980-something SNL episode for “Jewess Jeans.”
  • Two Jewish Shanghai residents married in what was the first wedding to take place in the city’s historic synagogue in 60 years.
  • “The father of an 11-year-old boy who was told that his son was not Jewish enough to be accepted at one of the [UK]’s leading Orthodox schools has lost his claim for unlawful discrimination.”

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