Ronn’s rabbis


After my earlier post on Ronn Torossian, he and I went back and forth over his interest in representing hip-hoppers and traditionalist/hawkish Jews. Here’s what he sent me for the record:

I grew up in the Bronx passionate about a lot of things – Judaism and hip-hop amongst them. Today, I personally remain passionate about both Judaism and hip-hop.

I was the National President of the Betar movement for years, and spent days, hours and weeks protesting for various causes important to Am Israel (frankly as I joke with friends a lot more time doing that then in school from the age of 12ish till I graduated from college)…. I am proud of the fact that I grew up in Rabbi Avi Weiss’ shul and consider him a very very close figure to me on many levels. When I was married I had 2 officiating Rabbis – Rabbi Avi Weiss, and Rabbi Benny Elon, who at the time was a minister in the Israeli government. I continue myself [to be] very close to them today personally, as well as to many others who are traditionalists. We work with many traditional, conservative organizations and people.

Rabbi Pinto in fact visits my office regularly and will be here this week… There are pictures of the Chabad Rabbi in my office. I think anyone who knows me at all from the Jewish community is very familiar with my personal beliefs. A picture of Ze’ev Jabotinsky is also in my office.

Today, at the age of 33, I own a business – One which is one of the 25 largest independent PR firms in the U.S. We work with a wide variety of clients, from many walks of life. I am proud of the fact that we have 1 of the most diverse client lists in the U.S. It’s hard, every day to build a business and work hard. People can challenge, question and destroy – A lot easier than building and working. We regularly turn down clients for many reasons.

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