Jewish businessman murdered in Ukraine


An American Jewish businessman was murdered in Ukraine.

Asaf Yehudeev, 62, a citizen of the United States, was murdered in his hotel room in Odessa during the night of July 9. The death was only reported Monday to the public by local law enforcement agencies.

Yehudeev, who was on a business trip to Odessa, was found stabbed to death in his hotel room, Rabbi Avraham Wolf, the chief rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine, told JTA.

Wolf said it was believed within the Jewish community that the murder was not motivated by anti-Semitism.

Local police and secret service are investigating the case but no arrests have been reported. According to local law enforcement agencies, Yehudeev was murdered during an attempted robbery.

A forensic medical examination showed that Yehudeev died as a result of a knife injury.

Law enforcement officials said Yehudeev’s alleged female escort was beaten and is in an Odessa city hospital in grave condition.

Wolf told JTA that the Odessa Jewish community is working to return the body to the United States for burial without an autopsy, in accordance wtih Jewish law.

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