Orthodox paper launches in Australia


An Australian edition of the Orthodox newspaper Hamodia has been launched.

Last Friday’s paper was the first full Australian edition after three free editions.

The content of Hamodia’s Australian edition, which costs nearly $6, borrows heavily from its other editions. Dubbed “The newspaper of Torah Jewry,” Hamodia prints a daily edition in Israel and America, with weekly editions in Britain and now Australia.

The paper targets the fervently Orthodox community, believed to number several thousand across the continent, including Adass Israel, Ger and other Chasidic sects.

The local content is a blend of news of the Orthodox community and Australian political and economic news. The fervently Orthodox have no contact with the general media, including the Australian Jewish News.

Hamodia’s local agent, Avraham Kimmelman, a Ger Chasid from Melbourne, hopes to increase circulation among the target Orthodox and fervently Orthodox communities, largely centered in Sydney and Melbourne.

There are an estimated 110,000 Australian Jews, with approximately 15,000 Orthodox and far fewer fervently Orthodox.

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