The News Shticker: Video Jew hangs with Hadassah, ABBA singer’s Nazi lineage, schlub to stud

  • Comedians Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have ended their five year romance, igniting the hopes of every schlubby Jewish boy on earth. Ironically, days after the couple’s split, Silverman received an Emmy nomination for a music video in which she professed to be two-timing her then-beau with actor Matt Damon (NSFW).
  • The L.A. Jewish Journal’s Video Jew checks out the Hadassah convention.
  • The Jewish Channel tells the story of ABBA singer Frida, who discovered in her 30’s that her estranged father was a actually a Nazi and that she was conceived as part of Hitler’s program to propagate the Aryan race.
  • Mixed Multitudes recaps last week’s very Jewy episode of Showtime’s hit series Weeds.
  • Morris Motamed, Iran’s only Jewish member of Parliament, speaks softly on Ahmadinejad to hard-Left webzine Counterpunch.
  • Shanghai Daily examines the history of Shanghai’s Jews.
  • Michael Freund questions why Israel has not done more outreach to China’s dwindling Jewish community.
  • ABC news questions why so many Americans are making aliyah.
  • The Chicago Tribune reports on a baffling string of Torah thefts.
  • Messianic Jewish inmates in Ohio are claiming that they are being discriminated against because the state’s prison system recognizes them as Protestant, denying them costlier kosher meals.
  • The Forward interviews one of its alums, Max Gross, about his new book, From Schlub to Stud: How To Embrace Your Inner Mensch and Conquer the Big City.
  • Finally, via the Bintel Blog: Jews and chess, Jews and guns, and Amy Winehouse gets a hankering for kosher digs.

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