AMIA victims’ families rally for justice


The families of the victims of the AMIA Jewish center attack demonstrated for justice on the 14th anniversary of the bombing.

The Memoria Activa organization, a group of victims’ relatives and Argentines who seek justice in the July 1994 terrorist attack, gathered Monday at the Plaza Lavalle public square in Buenos Aires.

The group set up sky blue fences to represent a labyrinth inset with photos of the five Iranians accused of participating in the attack, as well as former government and justice officials the families blame for not bringing the alleged terrorists to justice.

“This is the labyrinth of impunity,” said Diana Malamud, whose 37-year-old husband, Andres, was among the 85 people killed in the attack. “After 14 years we are almost experts in traversing labyrinths, and still we haven’t found the exit.”

Following the 1994 attack on the capital’s central Jewish institution, the families demonstrated for justice in the plaza every Monday. Since they stopped three years ago, the solidarity group Red Solidaria and the Citizens of the Square organization has rallied for justice every Monday morning.

Speaking at the rally, Malamud said former president Nestor Kirchner made a commitment to the families by openly acknowledging the state’s responsibility for lack of security and denying justice.

“However, the state responsibility does not end with its acknowledging,” she said. “The state has to fulfill the international commitments assumed in the Organization of American States.”

Rabbi Daniel Goldman of Bet El Synagogue in Buenos Aires called on Argentines to remember the victims.



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