Kristof’s argument


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof engages in a debate about Israel with readers who take issue with his call for the U.S. to give Israel “tough love” – which, as he outlines it, would include such things as U.S. insistence on a 100 percent West Bank settlement freeze.

In the back-and-forth with readers, Kristof says the West Bank security fence should not be built on Palestinian land, indicated that Jews don’t necessarily have a right to live in Hebron, notes that more Palestinian minors have been killed by Israelis in recent years than vice versa and suggests that Israel has not done all it can to secure its long term future by negotiating with its Arab neighbors.

His arguments leave more than a few holes (e.g. there’s a difference between civilian victims of terrorism and bystanders killed in counterterrorist operations), but you can point them out if you’d like by commenting below or responding to Kristof on his blog or Facebook page.

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