Sudanese, Israelis rally in Tel Aviv


More than 100 Sudanese and Israelis called on Israel to help stop the genocide in Darfur at a rally in Tel Aviv.


The Sons of Darfur Organization held a rally July 23 to support the International Criminal Court’s decision to indict, arrest and prosecute Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, as well as militia leaders and others committing genocide and other war crimes in the Sudan region.


Rally participants carried signs that featured quotations from the ICC prosecutor’s request to bring al-Bashir to trial for war crimes.


“We, Bnai Darfur organization, still wait for justice and equality for all Sudanese in Israel,” said Adam Bashir, a founder of the Sons of Darfur. “We ask you, Israeli citizens, to stand by us and show your government that you care, that you oppose the genocide in Darfur and that you would like your government to put more pressure for international military intervention in Darfur. We call the U.N. and the entire free world to make all necessary efforts to bring peace in Darfur region and stop the genocide of innocent men, women and children.”


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