Mianstream churches want focus on peace


A coalition of mainstream churches said Christians United for Israel neglected the Jewish state’s peace needs.

Churches for Middle East Peace noted that CUFI’s annual lobbying day last month focused only on defense assistance to Israel and on efforts to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

“It is unfortunate that a group coming to Washington to advocate in support of Israel would fail to support Israel’s efforts to achieve the blessings of peace through a negotiated agreement with the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors,” said a statement Thursday from CMEP, a group that promotes Israeli-Arab peace on behalf of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches in the United States.

CMEP chided CUFI for not lobbying on behalf of legislation that backs Israel’s current negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria. CUFI says it will not oppose Israel’s peace efforts, although the group expresses skepticism of land-for-peace formulas.

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