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Ramadan Roundup

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, began on Monday, coinciding this year with the Jewish month of repentance, Elul. Both the Jewish and Muslim calendars operate on the lunar cycle, but the Jewish calendar has a leap month every three years or so to keep pace with the solar calendar used the world over. The Muslim calendar does not; hence, Ramadan falls at a different time every year.

  • The Associated Press reports on the clock confusion Ramadan is causing in the Middle East, with everyone resetting their clocks on different days to end the fast earlier – the Jews, too.
  • Long Island Muslims celebrating Ramadan had a two-day Rosh Chodesh this year, New York Newsday reports.
  • The Israeli army is easing restrictions on Palestinians during Ramadan and urging Israeli soldiers not to eat at West Bank checkpoints, JTA reports.
  • During Ramadan, a city council in East London is requiring all council members – even Catholics and Jews – to observe Islamic law during council meetings: No eating, and a mandatory break for Muslim prayers.