Y.U. launches Lamm Web site


Yeshiva University launched a Web site to celebrate the heritage of Rabbi Norman Lamm.

The site, whose launch was timed to coincide with Lamm’s 80th birthday, includes a digitized archive of sermons dating back to 1951, many of them notated in the rabbi’s own handwriting.

With a doctorate in philosophy in addition to rabbinic ordination, both received at Yeshiva University, Lamm is the embodiment of both the Modern Orthodox ethos and the school’s mission of Torah U’maddah, literally Torah and secular knowledge.

Lamm served as the school’s third president from 1976 until 2003, when he was succeeded by Richard Joel, and currently serves as its chancellor.

A pulpit rabbi for many years, Lamm was the longtime spiritual leader at the Jewish Center in New York City, where many of the sermons in the archive were delivered.


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