Paris prosecutor: No anti-Semitism in assault


Three Jewish teens were not attacked because of anti-Semitism, Paris prosecutors said.

Five of the six suspects questioned in the Sept. 6 assault on three kipot-wearing teenagers were indicted Wednesday for group “voluntary violence,” the French Press Agency reported. The suspects are aged 16 to 23. Police on Monday said one of the suspects was Jewish.

Prosecutors ascribed no racist motive to the attack in which the victims were temporarily hospitalized with minor injuries.

French officials and Jewish leaders had immediately condemned what they called the anti-Jewish motives of the attack, which occurred on the same street where a Jewish teen was savagely beaten in June.

In news conferences following the attack, Paris police maintained that anti-Semitism was likely to blame, but added that they could not be sure until the investigation was complete.

“Did the political world and the organizational milieu lack caution?” the Le Monde daily asked Wednesday.

The same article quoted spokesmen from the Paris mayor’s office and the interior minister’s office saying they had made their conclusions based on police information given to them.

Prosecutors have maintained that anti-Semitism played a role in the June assault of Rudy Haddad.

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