Alarms over Durban II


Durban has become a dirty word in some international circles, a reminder of the 2001 U.N. anti-racism conference that devolved into an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish debacle. Now as preparations for a follow-up conference proceed, worries abound that efforts to once again villify Israel and the West are gaining the upper hand.

One U.N. watcher analyzes the latest document to emerge from the pre-conference planners.

Others, too, are sounding the alarm about the latest developments, but the World Jewish Congress is opting for a more optimistic note, hoping that the new High Commissioner for Human Rights will work to avert another failed conference.

As JTA reported back in July, it’s too early to know which groups will prevail – or even show up – in pursuing their agendas, but at least people this time around are paying attention in advance rather than getting caught unprepared like last time.

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