Ukrainian, Israeli journalists meet in Kiev


KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — Journalists gathered in Kiev to unite forces and create an independent all-Ukrainian Jewish newspaper.

More than 30 journalists, both ethnic Jews and non-Jews, from throughout Ukraine and Israel gathered in the Israeli Cultural center in Kiev Wednesday and Thursday to learn more about Israel, to discuss issues arising in the Jewish communities of Ukraine and Moldova, and to unite forces to improve Jewish life and media coverage.

Participants and observers discussed the role of the Ukrainian Jewish press not only as the agency for disseminating news and information, but for serving as a forum for community issues.

Participants proposed to establish an independent all-Ukrainian Jewish newspaper sponsored by Ukrainian state and Jewish organizations.

They also stressed the importance of engaging more Jews who work in Ukrainian media to cover sensitive issues for the community and Israel.

The conference was organized and sponsored by the Israeli Cultural Center in Kiev together with the Nativ Jewish agency.

“We presented information about Israel and learned more about Jewish communities’ problems to find together the ways to resolve them, improve Jewish life in Ukraine and cooperation with Israel,” Felix Mindel, chief of the regional Nativ agency, told JTA.

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