Looking over Holder’s shoulder


My colleague Jacob Berkman thinks we should change the name of this site to Post Election Central. We’re open to other suggestions. Post traumatic stress disorder? Post natal depression? Going postal? If you have an election longer than four hours call a physician?


We’re not going to make news about each and every appointment, at least not until the appointments are official (think of all the Bernie Kerik and Lani Guinier profiles that ended up being trashed…)

On the other hand, a lot of the names cropping up have pasts (in the good way) and deep ties to the Jewish community. When Eric Holder’s came up for attorney-general, we remembered that he was Janet Reno’s deputy during the Clinton administration, with a special focus on civil rights.

So we called the ADL’s Abe Foxman, and sure enough, Holder has history and it’s good.*

"He was the one who was always available to the community," Foxman recalls, particularly on hate crimes legislation. "He showed sensitivity, understanding, initative and follow-through. It wasn’t just lip service."

*Okay, Foxman and Holder were also mixed up in the Marc Rich pardon. Both had the class to express regrets, fast.

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