Kiev concerned over Gaza violence


KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — Ukraine officials expressed doubt about the proportionality of military power used by Israel in its Gaza operation.

Ukraine, expressing deep concern over the latest escalation of military action and violence in the Gaza Strip, called on Israel and Hamas to immediately stop the hostilities, its Foreign Ministry said Dec. 30.

The ministry renewed the call Sunday, adding that “continuation of bloodshed in the Gaza Strip" could lead to a large-scale “humanitarian catastrophe with unpredictable effects for all participants of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” It expressed concern over the threat to the lives of the 278 citizens of Ukraine, including 196 children, who remain in Gaza.

Ukrainian officials also condemned the firing of missiles at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Forty Ukrainian citizens evacuated to Moscow from Gaza on Jan. 2 returned to Ukraine over the weekend, according to the Ukrainian Embassy’s press secretary.


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