British Zionist group slams Jewish lawmaker


LONDON (JTA) — A British Jewish group condemned remarks by a Jewish member of the British Parliament comparing Israeli soldiers to the Nazis.

Sir Gerald Kaufman said in Parliament that the Israeli government "ruthlessly and cynically" exploits "the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust."

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain issued a statement, following numerous complaints, saying that the claim “is entirely without foundation and would be despicable on a far-right Web site, let alone from a senior parliamentarian. The only person who is exploiting the Holocaust to make a political point is Sir Gerald.

“The same applies to his comparison of an Israeli army spokesperson with a Nazi. And his comment that ‘Israel was born of Jewish terrorism’ is false, as anyone with even a modicum of historical knowledge will know. Israel was created by a resolution of the United Nations in November 1947."

The statement also mounts a personal attack on Kaufman, 78, a a longtime critic of Israel.

“There is an old saying that ‘with age comes wisdom,’ but it seems that there are exceptions to every rule," the Zionist Federation said.

The statement added, “The Zionist Federation awaits with interest Sir Gerald’s comments about the damage done by Hamas to the security and prosperity of the people of Gaza and notes the absence from his speech of any reference to the captured soldier Gilad Shalit.”

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