BBC Anti-Palestinian?


Poor BBC.

How ironic that the legendary British Broadcasting Corporation, reviled by many pro-Israel supporters for being so decidedly un-pro-Israel in its coverage, is being pilloried at home for refusing to air a three-minute appeal for young victims of the Gaza conflict.

Thousands of demonstrators rallied in London, and more than 11,000 complaints were filed with the publicly financed BBC after it explained the decision not to show the appeal, based on its goal of maintaining impartiality in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Some Jewish critics are no doubt surprised to learn that the BBC has come under fire from pro-Arab groups who believe the network is slanted toward Israel.

BBC executives seem to be saying that if a network is objective in its news coverage it cannot promote humanitarian causes. I have no problem with the BBC airing an appeal for the children who suffered in Gaza – as long as it also broadcasts an appeal for the thousands of Israeli children who for more than seven years have lived in constant fear of rocket attacks on their communities from Gaza terrorists.

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