Synagogue firebombing suspect’s trial opens


PARIS (JTA) — A 21-year-old remained in jail in the firebombing of a synagogue and community center in a Paris suburb.

His trial opened Jan. 23 for "destruction and degradation of property by means of a bomb or explosive, aggravated by the religion" of the victim, the prosecuting general secretary for the region told JTA by phone. The maximum punishment on the charge is 20 years.

Nine Molotov cocktails were launched at the synagogue in the poor northern Paris town of Saint-Denis on Jan. 11. Two exploded, sparking a fire in the building next door.

Specialized terrorism investigators were charged with the case, which sources said identified the DNA of suspects on bags of rocks left at the synagogue, the French daily Liberation reported.

Three other suspects were questioned and released by police between Jan. 14 and Jan. 16.

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