Brazilian miscarries after neo-Nazi attack


RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — A pregnant Brazilian woman miscarried her twins and was slashed over her entire body in a neo-Nazi attack in Switzerland.

Paula Oliveira, 26, who legally lives and works as a lawyer in Switzerland, was attacked Monday evening by three male skinheads in Dubendorf, a city near Zurich.

One of the men had a swastika tattooed on his neck, according to reports.

The woman was three months pregnant and miscarried her twin girls after being punched, kicked and cut. She received serious razor cuts all over her body and had both legs marked with the letters SVP.

"The acronym is the name of a political party that has a certain group with a tough position against foreign immigrants," Victoria Beaver, Brazil’s consul general in Zurich, told the Brazilian press.

Beaver said that Swiss police have no leads on the assailants.

Oliveira, who had just left a train station, was attacked when she spoke Portuguese on the phone to her mother in Brazil.

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