Ha’aretz: No Kahanists in the government


From an editorial in Ha’aretz:

The National Union Party has until now been considered a legitimate candidate for partnership in a right-wing government that may be formed by Benjamin Netanyahu. But the fourth candidate on the National Union list is MK-elect Michael Ben-Ari. This is a man whose candidacy is fundamentally invalid: It is absolute unconscionable for a representative who clearly describes himself as "the disciple and successor of Rabbi Meir Kahane" to be a member of the next Israeli government, whatever its components. …

All the Knesset factions, together with the public, must rise up against the possibility that the representative of a party that was justifiably banned from running in the elections back in 1988 will be a partner in the government. Anyone who didn’t want Kahane in the Knesset is liable now if his successor becomes a partner in the government; perhaps even a minister.

Ben-Ari, with his racist, Kahanist and pro-transfer ideology, will stain any government and damage Israel’s reputation around the world. The message that will be conveyed by including the National Union is that transfer has received a seal of approval in Israel. Kahane was not right, definitely not, but he has won. There is no other way to look at it.

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