Black September terrorist released


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A terrorist who plotted a series of bomb attacks during a New York visit by Golda Meir in 1973 will be deported.

Khalid al-Jawary, 63, has been released from the Supermax prison in Colorado, The Associated Press reported on Feb. 19, and is slated for deportation, although U.S. authorities would not say where.

Al-Jawary, a member of Black September, was behind the planting of two powerful bombs along Fifth Avenue and a third at John F. Kennedy Airport during the visit of Meir, then Israel’s prime minister.

The airport bomb failed to detonate and police defused the two Fifth Avenue bombs.

Al Jawary wasn’t captured until 1991, when he was arrested in Rome on his way to attend the funeral in Tunis of a terrorist boss. He was sentenced in 1993 to 30 years and is being released now with time off for good behavior.

In an investigative series, AP has uncovered evidence linking al-Jawary to a letter-bombing campaign and the 1974 bombing of a TWA flight that killed 88.

The retired FBI agents who investigated the 1973 bombing attempts have said that releasing him is a mistake.

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