Anti-Semites are like bagels


Writing in the New Hampshire Register, veteran Jewish communal worker and pro-Israel activist Neil Berro explains why a rise in anti-Semitism makes him think of bagels:

So, when I hear and read and see the hate when it comes now to Jews, it makes me cringe, yet, surprisingly, also think about bagels.

In Iceland, a bicycle shop hangs a sign in 10 inches of snow saying no Jews allowed. In Turkey, a shopkeeper posts "Dogs Yes, Jews No" and a major synagogue is desecrated. In New Zealand, two Israeli tourists are thrown out of a restaurant for speaking Hebrew. Throughout Europe, the animus against Israel means once again shuttered windows and lower profiles for Jews while protesters burn books and flags with the Star of David on them.

In Florida, a Muslim woman is caught on camera sneering "Jews to the gas." Perhaps, someone ought to tell that cold-hearted soul that ovens are best used to help sustain life.

There are many more examples, all sickening. A recent Vatican rehabilitation of a bishop from England is marred by his refusal to accept the historical facts of World War II. To learn lessons from the Holocaust is too troubling for some.

The hole in the bagel fits these hate-filled people perfectly. It reflects both the hole in their heads and the even larger holes in their hearts.

I believe that one day Israelis and Arabs will finally break bread together in peace. Bagels certainly will be on the menu.

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