Conservative transformation group seeking new members


Remember the coalition of Conservative leaders that recently demanded a greater role in the planning the movement’s future? We wrote about it here and here.

Well, it seems they’re looking for some new members, and if you want to join, you best be prepared to cough up the cash. Here’s the invitation from organizer Rabbi Michael Siegel:

Finally, the congregations involved have committed $25,000.00 to begin this vital effort.   It is imperative that this national conversation have a good cross section of synagogues, and the benefit of their leadership and perspectives. We envision an inclusive process of gathering ideas, data, and feedback, not only for the benefit of our strategic plan, but also to bring us closer together for the ultimate renewal of our movement.   

If you and your congregation are interested in joining us we ask that you include the President of your congregation.  In addition, we ask that a monetary contribution be made to Hayom in order to help in this effort.  The initial larger congregations are each committing 1000.00; depending on the size of your congregation and its means, we would suggest a contribution anywhere between $250.00 and $1000.00.  We will use these monies to fund, in conjunction with the USCJ the type of long range plan that our movement so richly deserves. 

Siegel also reported on the meeting the group (known as HaYom) recently had with the leadership of the movement’s synagogue association:

The meeting was serious, candid and positive. Our group made it clear that we see ourselves as stake holders in the USCJ and that we feel a true sense of urgency.   More importantly we intend to partner with the leadership of the USCJ on every level.  We are asking that:

      •        A strategic planning committee be put together immediately and have one
      year to complete its work.
      •        the process be transparent in every way and  seek input from leadership
      and grassroots
      •         a professional be hired to manage the process
      •        clear benchmarks and timelines be established
      •        the USCJ give us an answer within 30 days of the meeting 

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