Israeli Arabs, non-veterans fired from railway


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel Railways is dismissing at least 40 Israeli Arab workers, as well as Jews who did not serve in the army.

The government-owned company will hire Israeli army veterans for their positions — lookouts at crossings to prevent collisions between trains and vehicles.

About half of the monitors are Jews who did not serve in the army, and they also will lose their jobs, according to Ha’aretz. The workers will be unemployed as of the beginning of April.

Some of the Arabs also did national service. Muslims are not required to serve in the Israeli army and few volunteer. Druze are drafted.

"Israel Railways views as significant the hiring of veterans and providing opportunities for these young people," the company said Sunday in a statement. "Israel Railways is also reserving some 25 positions for minorities who have not necessarily served in the army."

The dismissed workers are employed through a human resources company, which told Ha’aretz it will try to find them new jobs.

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