Time: Israeli F-16s hit Sudan arms convoy


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Unnamed high-ranking Israeli security officials said Israeli F-16 fighters struck a convoy carrying bombs to Gaza in Sudan, Time Magazine reported.

The article also confirmed that the United States was not involved in the attack in late January.

One Israeli source told Time that dozens of aircraft, which also included F-15 fighter planes to provide protection during the bombing, were used in the operation against the Iranian convoy. The source said that unmanned drones followed after to film the site and ensure that the convoy was destroyed.

Based on the footage, which showed only partial destruction of the convoy, the site was hit a second time.

There was not an attack on a second convoy, the source confirmed, as was reported earlier this week by media outlets.

The sources also confirmed that the United States was not directly involved in the operation.

"The Americans were notified that Israel was going to conduct an air operation in Sudan, but they were not involved," a source told Time.

Israel pulled the operation together in a week, a source said. The raid came after an intelligence tip-off to the Mossad in early January, the magazine reported.

Iran had previously used the route.

"This was the first time that the Iranians had tried to send Hamas a shipment this big via Sudan — and it is probably the last," a source told Time.

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