Loving Israel near Durban II


Ben Harris provides video from the pro-Israel rally in Geneva near the Durban Review Conference:

If you’re having trouble figuring out what Natan Sharanksy is saying, here’s the transcript as best we can decipher:

In Soviet Union, I lived in Orwellian world where they spoke about peace and that meant war, and they spoke about protecting citizens and that meant enslaving them.

And there were people in the West who were saying you have to understand them. But there were those who were ready to stand and to say the truth. And there were people in the West who were ready to see the evil. And that’s why we defeated.

But now we are going back to Orwellian world. And here the struggle against racism means struggle against all the democracies of the world. And that’s very dangerous. 

But I saw each time when there are few people ready to stand and be counted can change the [inaudible]. And that’s what’s happening now with this conference. Some Jews start speaking, Israel took a stand … and we took all the air out of the balloon which is called ‘racist Israel.’ And that’s the beginning of a struggle.

My message was, these ten countries which decided not to come, they have to be the base of the new real conference against racism where Israel will be not the target, but Israel will be, as the only democracy in the Middle, as the only refuge from Sudan, the only country that is fighting against militant Islam around the world, will be one of the active participants.

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