American (Jewish) Idol


L.A. Jewish Journal blogger Danielle Berrin weighs in on American Idol’s Jewish sensation, Adam Lambert:

Last month when I was home for my birthday I got scolded—by my best friend. “Haven’t you seen Adam Lambert on Idol?! I’m dying to know what you think!“ If I thought I could get away without knowing about Lambert — the second Jewish contestant to be a front runner on ‘Idol’ (Elliott Yamin placed 3rd in Season 5) — I was SO wrong. Adam Lambert cannot be ignored. The buzz around him finally reached a boiling point, so I caved in and tivo’d last week’s show.

And all I could think was, Kara DioGuardi is so right: He is the modern incarnate of Clark Kent!

And yeah, the kids got chops.

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Listen to him sing "Mad World" and "Black and White."

Plus a video report from Sand Diego’s Fox 5… 

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