Live blogging Joe Biden — Israel and Palestinians have commitments


9:52 Biden takes the sate [standing ovation].

9:52 Protester hustled out [huge applause].

9:53 Warm words for Larry Weinberg.

9:55 Dubs Shimon Peres the best speech maker in the world.

9:57 Change is coming. But one thing constant: commitment to safety and security of Israel.

9:59 Calls Bibi a friend.

9:59 Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Notes Likud’s copying of Obama campaign Web site. "We didn’t charge Bibi."

10:01 Two most meaningful meetings: Mandela and Golda.

10:04 "Senator, you seemed worried. … Don’t worry, we Jews have a secret weapon — we don’t have any place else to go."

10:05 Obama shares my commitment to Israel. His support is rooted to personal connection to Zionist ideal. Reinforced by two trips to Israel.

10:10 All the good intentions of last decade have not led to security.

10:11 What we have tried with Iran has not worked. What will work is remained to be seen. Instead of arresting the danger, the danger has grown. That’s why we’ll engage in direct, principled diplomacy.

10:12 International support matters. Diplomacy will help build international support. Sometimes we’ll act alone, but always better not to.

10:14 Israeli-Palestinian conflict extends playing field of Iran’s destabilizing influence. That’s why we’ve been engaged from Day 1, dispatched George Mitchell.

10:14 President and I believe Palestinian state is necessary to keeping Israel Jewish and Democratic state.

10:15 Israelis and Palestinians have committed to two states in Road Map and Annapolis.

10:15 Will pursue comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Arab world.

10:16 Israel’s security is non-negotiable.

10:16 Both sides have commitments in Road Map.

10:17 Israel needs to work toward Palestinian state. Freeze settlements, 

10:18 Bibi has important ideas.

10:19 World needs to stand firm on Hamas: Must recognize Israel, denounce violence and live up to past commitments.

10:19 Demand immediate and unconditional release of Gilad Shalit [standing ovation].

10:20 Past approach will not achieve peace and security for Israel and the United States, or stabilize the region.

10:22 Ends remarks. Standing ovation. Warm embrace with Larry Weinberg.

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