Wiping Palestine off the map


We’re used to hearing complaints about Arab maps that make no mention of Israel. Now the BBC has a report turning things around… about pro-Palestinian advocates protesting an Israeli-sponsored map:

Israel’s tourist ministry has admitted to a "mistake" over adverts on the London Underground after complaints that they "wipe Palestine off the map".

The ads include a map which campaigners say shows the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – as well as Syria’s Golan Heights – as integral parts of Israel.

The ministry said that in general, maps should not be used on billboards.

But it denied a Transport for London statement that it had asked for the offending posters to be removed.

Transport for London said it has received about 600 complaints about the poster, while the Advertising Standards Authority said it had had 300.

Hugh Lanning of the London-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign said the adverts were a "disingenuous attempt to remove the Palestinians from the public mind, and create a false impression about what constitutes Israel."

The posters were "selling a lie" by suggesting tourists could visit Gaza when the Hamas-run strip is subject to a strict Israeli blockade under which even some doctors and humanitarian workers have been denied entry, PSC said. …

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