U.S. Zionist leader, Arab lawmaker have words


JERUSALEM (JTA) — U.S. Zionist leader Morton Klein was barred from entering the Knesset building after angering an Arab lawmaker but was later allowed to enter.

Klein, who heads the Zionist Organization of America, was leading Jewish American activists from the World Likud Organization. Upon their arrival Monday at the entrance of the Knesset building, Klein saw United Arab List lawmaker Ahmed Tibi and began to question why he claimed at a recent conference in the United Arab Emirates that he was representing Palestine and not Israel.  

A Knesset guard heard Tibi’s angry response and prohibited Klein from entering the building, according to reports. Others said that Tibi asked the guard to eject Klein.

Klein later met with Tibi, and reports again differ as to whether or not he apologized to the lawmaker. The men reportedly refused to shake hands, but Tibi agreed to allow Klein into the building.

Tibi and Klein had another altercation in the hallway of the building later Monday, at which time Jewish activist Steven Goldberg was ejected from the building, according to reports. 

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