A good stretch for Bar-Ilan


22 letters for: just as good as hosting Bibi’s speech…


From the latest American Friends of Bar-Ilan University e-newsletter:

BIU Experiencing Great Times : Prime Minister Netanyahu Delivers Major Address at BIU and NY Times Crossword Puzzle Includes the University

Two exciting developments have thrust Bar-Ilan University (BIU) into the international spotlight – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to deliver his major policy address at BIU’s Begin-Sadat (BESA Center) for Strategic Studies on June 14th and the New York Times decision in its June 11th crossword puzzle to use Bar-Ilan University as a prime example of something that is "Israeli."

Bar-Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies was proud to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to provide the prestigious venue for his landmark speech outlining the policy guidelines for Israel’s path to peace and security. To see analysis of the Prime Minister’s historic speech at BIU click here.

BIU made the big Time(s) with its inclusion in the world famous New York Times crossword puzzle, which featured a clue: "Like Bar-Ilan University." The answer: "Israeli." This shows that from the New York Times’ perspective, the best way to describe something Israeli is to cite BIU, the country’s fastest growing and largest university.

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