Is Bruno homophobic?


The Jewish Journal unpacks the controversy in a blog post about Sascha Baron Cohen’s latest film, in which he plays a flamboyantly gay fashion journalist from Austria.

From the Journal:

Interest in the film has soared as a result of Baron Cohen’s outlandish antics. But what’s captivating a worldwide audience is far more than the face value of his comedy. Bruno’s in-your-face, over-the-top queerness is meant to challenge gay stereotypes. Many are interpreting Baron Cohen’s outright mockery of those stereotypes as a comment or expose on homophobia. Gay groups are cautiously restrained when commenting on the film, with some feeling that its humor may be too high-minded for the average moviegoer. As they say, homophobics may not get that the joke is on them; especially when the film skirts the line between being offensive or enlightening.

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