Israeli fertility doctors arrested in Romania


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two Israeli doctors detained in Romania after being accused of human egg trafficking were arrested.

Nathan Levitt and Genya Ziskind may have attempted to leave the country, despite being ordered to remain, and thus obstruct the local investigation into the suspected illegal activities of the Sabyc fertility clinic, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The two doctors, who were caught last week in a raid on their Bucharest clinic in which 22 Israeli doctors and eight others were arrested, had been remanded by a Bucharest court for 29 days. The other 28 suspects were allowed to return to Israel last week.

The arrest of the two doctors was announced Tuesday evening by  the Israeli consul in Romania, Lili Ben Harush, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The clinic was alleged to have been operating without the necessary permits, according to reports. Other reports suggested that the clinic was trafficking in human eggs and stem cells.

Under Romanian law, legal egg donation requires that the donor is not compensated and egg extraction is performed in an authorized clinic.

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