Is Andrew Sullivan an Israeli with insider nuke info?


Or an Irish expat bloviating?

Why then would he post this really stupid question?

Israel’s Nukes

Did John Bolton just call for getting rid of them? And am I allowed to acknowledge publicly that they exist but we can’t talk about them?

There’s a logical fallacy here: All that Bolton said last week on Jon Stewart’s show was that he thinks that the only nuclear nation should be the United States. According to Sullivan’s conspiracy-addled logic, then, Bolton is not only not acknowledging Israel’s nuclear arsenal — he might be obfuscating! Ooooooooh.

More to the point, if I — an Israeli citizen working for a Jewish website — can acknowledge its existence (as I did just three days ago, blogging the same Bolton interview), then yes, Andrew, g’ahead. Acknowledge away.

The only folks not permitted to acknowledge the program are Israeli citizens in a position to confirm it.

That I am not. However, I can (and Israelis and others often do) point to solid Federation of American Scientists reporting that suggests unequivocally, yes, such an  arsenal exists.

So no, Andrew, Israel’s policy of "nuclear ambiguity" does not extend to the pajama-clad.

Suggesting that it does, however, perpetuates tedious and self-serving myths about the power of the "Israel lobby."

Am I allowed to say that?


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