The ravages of age


Over at Talking Points Memo, MJ Rosenberg makes a convincing case for why we should fear the advancing years:

I’m scared because this month is my birthday and, like most people, I’m getting older. Soon (not too soon) I could be a crazy old geezer like Marty Peretz. I mean he wasn’t always a bigot and a paranoid. In 1968, he backed Gene McCarthy and never talked about the anti-semites at all. He actually liked Martin Luther King!

But then time passed and he became the alta kocker at the Dunkin Donuts muttering about the "goyim" and those other ones likes Henry Louis Gates.

It could happen to me. I think I’m starting to develop a Yiddish accent (strange for a third generation American) and I keep playing Al Jolson records. Is this how it started for Marty?

A Dunkin’ opened up not long ago down the road. And guess what. It’s great.

Gevalt. (And MJ, at least you’re an Ashkenazi; how the hell is it that I’m developing a Yiddish accent?)

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