Israeli envoy asks U.S. Jews to support Azerbaijan


WASHINGTON (JTA) — An Israeli consul general in the United States urged American Jews to support Azerbaijan.

Yaakov Dayan, the envoy for the southwestern states based in Los Angeles, and Azerbaijani Consul General to Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov expressed the importance of Azerbaijan-Israel cooperation at a roundtable last week in Los Angeles on Azerbaijan-Israel cooperation. 

Both spoke about the strategic relations between Azerbaijan and the United States, and remarked on the importance of Israeli President Shimon Peres’ recent trip to the former Soviet republic.

Dayan called on American Jews to support Azerbaijan, which is located in the Caucusus region on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, calling Azerbaijan a tolerant country that plays an important role in the region. Few Jews live in the mostly Muslim nation of more than 8 million.

Representatives of the Jewish community in Los Angeles also attended the roundtable.

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