The Wandering Jew touched down in Zacatecas yesterday evening and, before I even had a chance to drop my bags, found myself in the middle of a callejoneada, these street parties here that involve a mariachi band, a donkey wearing a sombrero, and liberal amounts of mezcal dispensed from water cooler jugs. They apparently happen all the time, so I expect that won’t be my last encounter with a drunk donkey. 

I’m here for the weekend to visit my friends Zack and Miriam (that’s her leaning over the donkey — check out the mini sombrero!), who when they arrived here over the summer tripled the city’s Jewish population. In other words, there isn’t much here for me to report on. But I expect to catch up with some Mexico City blogging I haven’t gotten around to over the weekend before heading to Guadelajara for Yom Kippur. 

Also, thanks to everyone who wrote me with great story ideas. It will take a few days to get through all of them, but on first glance, they look amazing. And if you haven’t written yet but were thinking of it, don’t be shy, especially if your story is happening in January close to a sandy beach and palm trees. 

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