Hasta la vista, Zacatecas


For a country notably lacking in conveniences I evidently take for granted — uncontaminated drinking water, for one; vegetarian alternatives to enchilladas con queso for another — the Internet in this country is pretty amazing, and often free. Starbucks provides wi-fi, so does (sometimes) the bus company ETN that took us to Guadalajara and back, and my Yiddish school video was uploaded to YouTube courtesy of of a neighbor of Zack and Miriam who was kind enough not to encrypt their network. Right now I’m in the Zacatecas airport on the prodigymovil network, which services Starbucks, and my coffee shop login still works even though there’s not an outlet within 20 miles of here. Come on, America. 

My flight leaves in half an hour, and then it’s a crazy 36 hours in Mexico City before leaving for New York: I’m meeting a historian for a walking tour of Jewish sights in MC’s central historic district, visiting what is said to be an unbelievable Jewish sports complex this afternoon, and if all goes well meeting with some young people tonight. Then tomorrow morning it’s a walking tour of Condesa, a meeting with the director of an archive of historic Jewish documents, and then a quick hop (pray for me, please) to the airport through midday traffic. 

So I may be quiet for a day or two — but not to worry, there’s one more Mexico video on the way, and my longer reports, so stay tuned. 

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