Israeli artists being showcased in France


PARIS (JTA) — Israeli artists are being showcased throughout France in honor of Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday.

From theater to painting, poetry and architecture, hundreds of works by Israeli and Tel Aviv artists are on display in France’s largest cities this month and through early December.

The cities of Paris and Tel Aviv helped organize the events. They “have cooperated actively,” said a statement by the city of Paris, and this fall’s cultural events are “meant to honor that friendship.”

On Friday, the International City of Arts in Paris will launch an exhibit exploring the uniquely modern architecture of Tel Aviv in a show titled “The White City."

From Nov. 4 to Dec. 6, films illustrating life in Tel Aviv will be shown in Paris’ Forum of Images. Filmmaker Eytan Fox and actress Gila Almagor, among others, will be recognized.

A French-translated version of the classic play "Yaacobi and Leidental," by Tel Aviv playwright Hanokh Levin, is among several Israeli arts performances currently in theaters.

Works by internationally recognized artists Michal Rovner and Sigalit Landau, and sculptor Ruth Adler, also have been on display throughout the French capital.

Israeli films are being screened in Toulouse, Marseille, Cannes and Montpellier.

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