Chelsea: Under the chupah?


The Associated Press tackles a burning question: Will Chelsea Clinton — engaged to her Jewish fiancee, Marc Mezvinsky — end up tying the knot under a chupah?

Her mother is a churchgoing Methodist. Her father is a Southern Baptist. Yet could Chelsea Clinton be planning one of the biggest Jewish weddings of the year? …

The families have revealed no specifics about the wedding.

Representatives for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton declined to answer questions about it, noting the family’s wish for privacy. In a Feb. 7 interview on CNN, Hillary Clinton would go no further than to say her daughter hadn’t yet found a dress.

That hasn’t stopped the speculation. The bride and groom have a range of choices, including conversion or a melding their two traditions into one ceremony.

The talk has been strongest in the Jewish community. There has been more rejoicing than lamenting about this interfaith union that brings a former first daughter a step closer to the fold. Still, they wonder: Has Chelsea been searching for a rabbi along with her gown? …

Among those quoted in the story is Ed Case, president of

"If they had a Jewish wedding officiated by a rabbi, I think that would be something really positive," said Ed Case, president of, which supports Jewish outreach to interfaith couples. "It’s so important for the Jewish community to have interfaith couples engaging in Jewish life."

Over at his Web site, Case has kicked off a discussion group: "Should Chelsea Clinton have a Jewish wedding? What kind? Who should officiate?"

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