Vote for Pawlenty, the Jewish parent’s appeal


Norm Coleman, the former Jewish Republican senator from Minnesota, stumps near* the  AIPAC conference for his pal, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty who may or may not be considering a presidential bid in 2012. (We covered this here.)

TCJewFolk (That’s Twin Cities Jewish Folk) was there, and the wonderfully monickered Leora Maccabee has the skinny — and it is skinny. Coleman is appealing to all us Jewish parents who get anxious when our babies don’t show a little pinch in their cheeks:

People ask me why I’m thin. It’s because I worry a lot. But if Pawlenty was in charge, I’d never lose a night of sleep on the issue of Israel.

I like this get out the vote(or the checkbook)  tactic — let’s call it  the "Look at this punim!" pitch.

*Not AT. Near, at the Grand Hyatt, about four blocks away. Leora says about 30-40 GOP Jews were in attendance.

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