Egypt releases Israeli journalist


JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli journalist who was caught trying to infiltrate the Israeli-Egyptian border with illegal migrants has been released from Egyptian custody.

Yotam Feldman was arrested last week and faced the prospect of a trial in an Egyptian military court and a possible one-year prison sentence. Instead, he was released Sunday night after six days of questining. Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai asked Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to intervene to secure Feldman’s release, Ynet reported.

Feldman, a reporter for Haaretz and several other publications, was working on assignment for Israel’s Channel 10 reporting on African migrants infiltrating into Israel. The migrants and Bedouin guides with whom he was attempting to infiltrate Israel from Egypt managed to escape, according to reports.

Feldman had no identification papers or money when he was captured; he was carrying a video camera. He reportedly had entered Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula legally.

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