Poll: Majority of Israelis will not eat chametz


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A majority of Israelis will not eat chametz on Passover, according to a poll.

Some 69 percent of Israelis said no when asked if they would eat chametz this Passover, and another 19 percent said they would eat chametz only in the privacy of their own home, a Ynet/Gesher survey found, Ynet reported Monday.

The survey spoke to 300 Jewish adults living throughout Israel.

Some 49 percent of secular respondents said they would not eat chametz during Passover, according to the poll.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said they would hold a traditional seder, reading the entire Haggadah. Another 23 percent said they would read the Haggadah up until dinner; 4 percent said they would not read the Haggadah.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Mekusharim social networking Web site will conduct an online virtual seder, Shalom Life reported.

Each participant will click on a virtual chair and be seated at a virtual table set with all the basics of a typical seder, including a Haggadah, seder plate, matzah and four cups of wine.

The site is hoping to break the world record for largest seder.

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