The shoe thing, settled


Is it a sign of the new "we love Israel" blitz?

Remember the idiocy, umm, controversy over the last time the White House released a photo of President Obama speaking on the phone with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

The photo foreshortened Obama’s legs on a desk, and we had a close-up of the soles of his shoes, and somehow, Israelis, Jews, cobblers, carpenters and feral ducks were meant to take offense.

Well, the White House has released a photo from today’s (apparently upbeat) conversation — and his shoes are firmly planted on Oval Office shag. Or more like hanging over it. The man likes to relax.

Behind him, there’s a framed picture of the Statue of Liberty. Emma Lazarus wrote the dedication on the statue — and he mentioned her in this year’s Jewish Heritage Month proclamation.

But he didn’t mention Jesus.

Who didn’t wear shoes.

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