Non-Orthodox Ra’anana synagogues vandalized


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two non-Orthodox synagogues were vandalized in a central Israel city.

The synagogues in Ra’anana were both attacked within a week of each other, according to reports.

On May 20, two windows at the Masorti, or Conservative, synagogue were smashed in by bricks. One of the windows was made of stained glass.  A week earlier, several windows at the Kehilat Ra’anan Shmueli Center, a Progressive, or Reform, synagogue, were also smashed by rocks. .

The windows of the Reform congregation were also broken two months ago, as well as two years ago.

The congregations both filed complaints with the police, who have so far come up with no leads in their investigation.

"The Ra’anana municipality takes a harsh view of any attempt at vandalism of public buildings and other institutions in the city," the municipality said in a statement.
The city’s mayor has ordered increased security near the synagogues.

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