More Ships to Head for Gaza


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two more ships that are part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla are still planning to sail for the Gaza coast.

An Irish ship named Rachel Corrie, for the Gaza activist killed in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer, and an American ship will likely arrive in international waters outside of Gaza next week, according to reports. The ships are docked now in ports but intend to continue on their journey, despite the death of nine activists Monday morning during violence when Israeli Navy commandos boarded six of the flotilla’s ships, Greta Berlin, one of the heads of the Free Gaza movement, told Ynet Tuesday.

Meanwhile, 16 of the 679 flotilla activists who were detained by Israel refuse to identify themselves, hampering the deportation process. Most of the rest of the detainees are expected to be deported by the end of the week, according to Ynet.

More than 40 of the activists left Israel on Tuesday. It is not known when the 36 injured activists will be ready to be deported.

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